Blue period unleash the beauty and creativity in the world of Art alongside it’s reality.

The Blue Period is an anime series that explores the themes of frustration, perseverance, the pursuit of one’s dreams, and the consequences of failure. It also conveys the powerful message that it is never too late to pursue one’s passions. This series is characterized by its honest storytelling, realistic characterization of its characters, and emotional moments.

In any action-oriented narrative, character development is a key factor in eliciting viewer interest. Good character writing involves introducing characters who are already multi-dimensional and realistic. In the case of our protagonist, Yato Yaguchi, this is achieved through his dual identity of delinquent and honor student. In the presence of his friends, he indulges in drinking, smoking, and watching sports, but in his home, he dedicates all of his time to his studies. He perceives both his social life and his academic pursuits as a set of obligations that he must fulfils.

Each episode of Netflix’s Blue Period provides an opportunity to gain new knowledge and understanding of art, or the process of becoming an artist. While the show may be characterized by its high level of drama and emotional intensity, many essential and valid artistic lessons are learned throughout the course of Yatora’s development as an artist. Blue Period follows Yatora as he navigates his way through high school, a student who appears to have it all, yet finds himself bereft of a sense of purpose. This is until he encounters Maru Mori’s renowned painting, a moment which has a profound impact on his life.

If you have find this article interesting and captivating then, i highly recommended you to go forward by watching the rest of story’s of blue period in Netflix!

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