One Piece hints series’ ending is closer than ever with a major twist ?🤔

Since 1997, One Piece has been a staple in the Weekly Shonen Jump and is now recognized as one of the longest-running manga series in the world. Fans followed the series for decades without considering the end of One Piece. But, when Oda confirmed that the manga has entered its final saga, fans were left speechless. But when will One Piece end? Well, let’s find out.

It’s worth noting that the One Piece anime has been on the air since 1999, and it has aired over 900 episodes so far. The anime has taken several breaks and gone through multiple story arcs throughout its run. So, it’s difficult to predict when it will eventually end.

It seems Luffy’s dream of becoming the Pirate King is on the verge of realization, given the progress he has made so far.

Numerous speculations exist regarding the possible end of the series. Thankfully, Oda has finally cleared the confusion surrounding the ending of One Piece. During the Jump Festa on December 18th, 2022, he says the series will come to a close at its own pace, and fans need not fret.

Based on that statement, fans could look forward to at least the next couple of years and enjoy the series.
Assuming things go according to plan, One Piece’s conclusion is expected to be in 2024 or 2025.
This is a huge confirmation, and it also means that One Piece might end a few years after the dates that Oda had previously. One thing is for certain, Oda will be working extra hard on the conclusion to make it perfect.

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